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Vallourec University

A place of excellence for training and innovation.
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Vallourec University

Anne Von Ritter


Vallourec University is a global training program for Vallourec employees, around the world. It is a center of excellence where 2,500 managers and 400 front line staff can learn, share and develop their capacities for e.g. creativity, innovation and customer service.

The objectives are to:

A learning center based on 4 major pillars

Through virtual classrooms, sessions on-sites or at Group headquarters, Vallourec University offers a customized variety of training courses. Each key pillar of the Vallourec University's strategy ensures to develop the skills of the Group entire workforce:

  • Vallourec Core LeadershipVallourec Core leadership: deals with specific difficulties experienced in terms of management, leadership and facing business challenges



  • Training upon demandTraining upon demand: focuses on what's most important for Vallourec today: Intercultural Training, Project Management, Public Speaking and Finance for non-specialists.


  • Functionnal TrainingFunctional training: aims at improving practical skills and techniques for each job "family".



  • Operationnal Excellence TrainingOperational Excellence training: provides the Group's core processes and priorities, technologies and guidelines, which contribute to the development of a unified corporate culture.



The future of Vallourec University

Over the next few years, the University will continue to develop an array of new courses. It will also incorporate think tanks to allow vibrant exchanges between Group managers and external experts.


Manager's training program
  • Manager's training program
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