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Management BoardThe Management Board is composed of three members:

Philippe Crouzet - Chairman of Vallourec's Management Board

Jean-Pierre Michel - Member of Vallourec's Management Board

Olivier Mallet - Member of Vallourec's Management Board

Philippe Crouzet
Chairman of the Management Board


Jean-Pierre Michel


Olivier Mallet

Group Management Committee

In addition to the three Management Board members, the Group Management Committee is comprised of:



D. Hornet

Philippe Carlier

Nicolas de Coignac

A. Lyra

D. Hornet

P. Carlier

N. de Coignac

A. Lyra

F. Curie

F. Curie


C. Marcovici

S. Fougou



Didier Hornet Director of the OCTG Division, in charge of the  OCTG / Drilling Products sector
Philippe Carlier Director of the Upstream Division, in charge of the Upstream / Industry sector

Nicolas de Coignac

Director of the Powergen and Specialty Powergen Divisions, in charge of the Powergen / Pipe Project sector
Alexandre Lyra CEO of Vallourec Tubos do Brasil, in charge of the Brazil sector
Franéois Curie Vice-President Corporate Human Resources

Clémentine Marcovici


Vice-President Corporate Planning
Stéphanie Fougou Group General Counsel

Operational Committee

In addition to the three Management Board members and the seven members of the Group Management Committee, the Operational Committee is comprised of:

D. Bissel

A. Denker

D. Richardot

F. de Azevedo

JY. Le Cuziat

L. Pernot

P. Frentzel

Dirk Bissel Director of the Drilling Products Division
Andreas Denker Director of the Industry Division

Dominique Richardot

Director of the Pipe Project Division
Flavio de Azevedo TRDI Director and Chairman of Vallourec Tubos do Brasil and Vallourec Sumitomo do Brasil
Jean-Yves Le Cuziat Director of Strategic Marketing and Sourcing

Laurence Pernot

Vice-President Group Communications
Pierre Frentzel Director of Strategic Projects